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When it comes to the most important meal of the day, we follow that basic formula: Pairing carbs with proteins. The carbs provide your body the energy to get started and your brain the fuel it needs to take on the day. Having variety to choose from, your perfect breakfast is a click away. You can even explore the more healthier side by going with egg whites and adding a side of fruits.


All egg sandwiches are made with two eggs and choice of bagel. You like just egg whites? we have your back! Just lets us know. You will have an option of adding bacon, ham or sausage.

The Cajun

Two eggs, Cajun turkey pepperjack cheese

The Scramble

Two eggs, cheddar, & tomatoes

Fruit on a Bagel

Fresh fruit on a bagel with a choice of cream cheese

Fruit Plate

Seasonal fresh fruit served with choice of a bagel and cream cheese


Cream cheese & tomatoes served with choice of bagel


Cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado & spinach served with your choice of bagel

The Nova

Salmon, Casper, onions, tomatoes & cream cheese


Made with thee eggs served with your choice of bagel and cream cheese. You can substitute fruits for bagel and substitute for egg white too. You also can add cheddar cheese, meat- bacon, ham, sausage and turkey and Veggies- onions, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.

The Mary Emma

Tomatoes and melted Havarti Cheese

The War Eagle

Tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, and cheddar cheese

The House

Sausage, tomatoes, and Cheddar cheese

The Cajun Omelet

Cajun turkey, and pepperjack cheese


Served with Grits, Bagel and Cream cheese. You can modify it to fit your taste by substituting for egg whites or fruits instead of bagel or grits.

The Plainsman

Bagel,two eggs and a side item

Big Blue Plates

Bagel, two eggs, your choice of bacon, ham or sausage

The Tiger / Tide

Two eggs, bacon and sausage


Served with two eggs, cheddar cheese and salsa.