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Lunch Menu

Apps & Snacks

ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Basket of Bagel ChipsFresh baked variety$1.95
HummusServed with fresh made bagel chips$6.25
Pizza BagelOpen faced bagel, pizza sauce, provolone, Havarti, and Parmesan$4.25
Toasted Cheese BagelServed open faced with your choice of cheese$2.85

The Lighter Side

ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Fruit on BagelA variety of fresh seasonal fruit and cream cheese$9.25
Fruit PlateA variety of fresh seasonal fruits with your choice bagel and cream cheese$9.25

Super Salads

ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Chefmixed greens, Roma tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, turkey, ham and cheese.$9.25
Gardenmixed greens, Roma tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and cheese$5.95
Greekmixed greens, black olives,pepperoncini, Roma tomatoes, red onions and feta cheese.$7.95
Grilled Chickenmixed green, Roma tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, bacon and grilled chicken breast$9.25

Sub Sandwiches

ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
ClubHam, turkey,lettuce, Roman tomatoes, bacon, yellow American cheese and mayo Served on a sub roll with potato chips or bagel …$5.95$7.25
FirehouseCajun roast beef, pepper jack, red onion, Roma tomatoes, spicy mustard, and horseradish sauce. Served on a sub roll with …$5.95$7.25
Harvarti MeltCajun roast beef or turkey, melted Havarti, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, mayo, and spicy mustard. Served on a sub roll with …$5.95$7.25
HeroHam, salami, provolone, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, mayo, yellow mustard and Italian dressing (served cold) Served on a sub roll with …$5.95$7.25
ReubenServed on a sub roll with potato chips or bagel chips. Corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, and spicy mustard served with …$5.95$7.25
SmokerHickory smocked turkey, bacon, Colby Cheddar, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, mayo and spicy mustard. Served on a sub roll with potato …$5.95$7.25

Specialty Items

ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Big Blue Wrapturkey or ham, provolone, lettuce, and Roma tomatoes on your choice at a whole wheat wrap or tomato basil wrap …$5.95$7.25
BLTbacon, lettuce, Roma tomatoes and mayo served on a toasted bagel$5.95
Californiacucumbers,Roma tomatoes, fresh spinach avocado and cream cheese served on a toasted bagel$5.95
Mom’s Chicken Saladchicken salad, lettuce, and Roma tomatoes$6.25
NovaSmoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions and casper on  a toasted bagel$9.25
Tiger MeltChicken salad with melted Colby cheddar served open faced on your choice of bagel$5.95$8.95
TommyRoma tomatoes and cream cheese on a roasted bagel$4.10

Big Blue Bagel Sandwich

ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Big Blue Bagel Sandwichchoice of one meat and one cheese $ 6.85 Served with lettuce, Roma tomatoes, mayo, spicy mustard, and your choice …$6.85
CALIFORNIACream cheese,tomatoes, cucumber, avocado & spinach served with a choice of your bagel.It comes with potato chips or bagel chips, $5.95
vegan vegetarian
Extra Meatmeat of your choice$1.80
With BaconAdd Bacon$1.80
With grilled chickenAdd grilled chicken$2.50


ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Exta DressingHoney Mustard,Ranch, Thousand Island and Italian$0.25$0.50
Home Made Cream Cheese Spread$1.10$1.80
Side of EggsSunny side up ,Over Easy, Over Medium, Over Hard, Scrabbled$0.96$1.96


ImageName Description NotesPriceBuyhf:tags
Apple Juice$2.25
Fountain Drink or Iced Tea$2.25
Hot Chocolate$2.05
Hot Tea$2.05

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